Live The Dream was MyLeadSystemPRO’s first live event and took place in Las Vegas on October 2-3. The schedule was packed with a wide variety of speakers, and I must say, the content from all of them was great.

Brian Fanale, one of the three co-founders of MLSP spoke about copywriting. According to Brian, “copywriters own the world!” Sounds like a strong statement, but Brian and MLSP, have the success to support it. Brian says copywriting is not hard, he’s never met a poor copywriter, and copywriters have deep fulfilling lives because they understand psychology. This is something that can serve us in all aspects of our lives! Brian says these skills helped him when he met his girlfriend!

Brian explained that people buy on emotion, how they FEEL about something—and they will justify their purchase later. So a good copywriter needs to understand emotions and engage their prospects on an emotional level. He says to engage your prospects until they are motivated to take action. If you provide a solution to your prospects’ problems and show them how they will benefit, they will convince themselves. Storytelling is also a very effective tool in the copywriters toolbox, because we all love stories and respond on an emotional level.

Brian gave a list of his copywriting mentors: John Carlton, Ryan Deis, Eban Pagan, Mike Dillard, Dan Kennedy, Yanik Silver, to name a few. Brian also said a great source of information on copywriting is David Frey, who’s got a great website, with lots of free resources. (David also has a great book called “The Small Business Marketing Bible,” which includes his “scientific” methodology for great sales copy.)

I look forward to the next Live The Dream event, and feel very fortunate to be able to work with people like Brian Fanale.

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